Desiccant, drybag, granular desiccant, moisture particle, silica gel … what is a desiccant packet?

Desiccant, drybag, granular desiccant, moisture particle, silica gel, or desiccant packet are widely used in life, it has the ability to absorb and retain moisture inside itself, making the air in the product packaging control good humidity as desired in order to preserve goods is safe, long-term, free from moisture, mold, rust, etc…..

Some kinds of desiccant packs on the market:

Calcium chloride powdered desiccant pack

The main ingredient is calcium chloride (CaCl2), with a high moisture absorption rate, from 200% to 400% of its weight

Bentonite clay desiccant packet

The main ingredient is clay mixed with calcium chloride or lime CaO in proportion, the ability to absorb moisture over 80% of its weight.

Actived Clay, Pure Clay or Clay desiccant

Granular and round with gray, the main ingredient is pure clay mixed with additives, the ability to absorb moisture 40% of its weight

Silicagel desiccant packet (silica gel granules)

The main ingredient is SiO2, the ability to absorb moisture 27% of its weight


  • Calcium chloride (powdered desiccant pack): operating temperature from -5°C to 90°C, it is suitable for long-distance transportation
  • Bentonite desiccant pack: operating temperature below 50°C
  • Clay desiccant pack: operating temperature below 50°C
  • Silicagel: operating temperature below 37°C, if above 37°C silicagel will not absorb moisture but it will release water vapor (this characteristic determines that silicagel is not suitable for transport)
  • Conclusion: in the harsh conditions of the container with a temperature above 50°C, only the calcium chloride (powdered desiccant packs) works well to promote its full absorption capacity, the desiccant packs have an operating temperature below 50 °C must be reconsidered in this case, especially with silicagel.

Why do we have to use desiccant packs in preserving and transporting goods?

Goods that are easily damaged by moisture and mold during transportation and storage: Goods in the process of storage and transportation due to the difference in temperature and humidity inside and outside the product packaging, it significantly affects the quality of the product, it damages the goods and creating an ideal environment for mold to grow on goods, ….so the use of desiccant packs is essential for businesses.
Desiccant packet controls moisture to prevent damage to goods: The use of a desiccant packet helps control the humidity inside the carton box and prolongs the shelf life of the goods, ensuring that the goods are not damaged during storage and transportation, to avoid unnecessary losses and keep the reputation with partners of the business.
Necessity and feasibility: Today, desiccant packets are widely used and popular in all industries of manufacturing, exporting, preserving, packing and transporting goods to consumers.

is desiccant pack important?

If you already know the importance of using a desiccant package in long-distance maritime transport, the shipping time is about 1-2 months such as going from Asia to Europe or going to the US …, but you do not use the desiccant packets for shorter shipments then maybe you should think again, moisture damage can happen in just a few days, rust can form in 4-5 days, mold growth germinates within 1-2 days, spreads within 2 weeks and then packaging may deteriorate overnight. So essentially we should use desiccant packs in all shipping situations, whenever your goods are at risk of being exposed to humidity or fluctuating temperatures. Power Dry desiccant package helps protect your goods from damage by moisture in all forms of transportation whether by sea or land, you must use a desiccant pack.

User guideline for Power Dry desiccant package

Note: When you open the desiccant carton box to take out the desiccant packages to use, absolutely do not use knives, scissors, or sharp objects to open, because it is easy to cut too deep into the box, it causes tearing of the desiccant packages inside in the box.

Please instruct workers to put desiccant packages in the box as follows:
Let the surface of the desiccant pack with the word (THIS SIDE DOWN) in blue come in contact with the product, the white side without the letters facing up does not come into contact with the product, so when we open the box to check, we will see the white side, no letter of the desiccant package as shown below:

Blue text side to put in direct contact with the product

White side with no letters facing up

In case the desiccant packs are not used up we can tie them up tightly for the next use, because in the cartons, each PE bag containing the desiccant packs has a string tied at the mouth of the PE bag.

Note: Unused desiccant packs must always be tightly tied in PE bags to absolutely prevent air from entering the bag.


Place desiccants boxes on pallets in a cool, dry, water-free environment.

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The principle of operation of the Power Dry desiccant package

The principle of operation of the desiccant package:

When you put the desiccant package inside the box, it will absorb the moisture inside the box with immediate effect so that the goods will not be moldy, and it becomes gel (paste). Moisture is water, it will mix with the powder inside the desiccant package and become a liquid or viscous gel, so the desiccant package will be in the form of liquid or pasty gel when you open the box to check, it is a normal state of the desiccant package, do not ask the factory to discard it to replace the new one.

In case of the desiccant package in the form of a hard gel, it means that the desiccant pack has absorbed all the moisture inside the box and the moisture does not arise inside the box anymore, so the desiccant packages will harden, you also do not throw away and do not ask the factory to replace the new one in this case.

If the desiccant package is getting more and more liquid gel, it shows that the surrounding moisture arises a lot, especially in the rainy season with high humidity so it forces to absorb as much moisture around it in order to surround the environment of the goods are not wet, these cases usually arise when the finished product has been packed and waited in the warehouse before export, because the warehouse is always opened and closed continuously so the moisture will continuously overflow in the warehouse and the desiccant package must operate continuously, it is always in the state of liquid gel, it only becomes a hard gel when the goods are packed in containers and closed container doors or when the humidity in the warehouse is low.

There are some QC when opening the box to see that the desiccant package in liquid or hard gel state is considered to be damaged and requires the factory to throw away to replace the new one, please do not do it because it will cost the factory money.

To prove that the desiccant package is still usable, you can verify the following; you can open a few boxes and then take out a few desiccant packages that have been in the form of a pasty gel that you think is damaged, place the desiccant packages in a glass jar and close the lid or place the desiccant package in a sealed plastic box on your desk for a few days, then open the lid and take it out you will see the packages harden like ice gel, if you put this desiccant pack on your desk for a few days then it is soft like the initial liquid gel state, that’s the principle of operation of the desiccant package.

Note: this desiccant pack can be used for up to 3 months to be saturated and no longer absorbed.

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