• Power Dry is one of the leading brands of the powdered desiccant packet with calcium chloride (CaCL2) as the main ingredient, the highest rated in the desiccant industry, made from 100% natural minerals that are not harmful to the environment and is produced only on the east coast of Gyeongbuk, Korea.

  • Power Dry has a high moisture absorption capacity to absorb moisture from the air, thereby reducing humidity in a controlled environment. The product, after absorbing moisture from the surrounding environment, turns into a gel, absorbs and does not leak, eliminating any risk of re-evaporation or leakage that could harm your goods.

  • Products meet export standards, non-toxic, environmentally friendly

  • Power Dry desiccant packet is now available worldwide

Absorption rate chart

Power Dry Ultra “Desiccant Packet”
Absorption rate: ≥ 300%, operating temperature range from -5oC to 90oC.

Bentonite clay + Calcium chloride or lime
Absorption rate > 80%, operating temperature range below 50°C.

Pure clay mixed with additives
Absorption rate 40% , operating temperature range below 50°C

Absorption rate 27%, operating temperature range is less than 37oC, if above 37oC it will not absorb moisture but release water vapor